Trianon High Frequency


The Trianon High Frequency device is a device emitting high frequency currents transmitted by glass electrodes, for curative and aesthetic treatments.


The Trianon High Frequency device has :

  • Very precise intensity setting graduated from 1 to 12 allowing a soft, medium or strong current


The Trianon High Frequency unit comes with the following items:

  • High Frequency Case
  • Electrode 1AV: Face
  • Electrode 3: Neck
  • Electrode 4: Scalp
  • Electrode 14: Hand
  • Electrode 51: Face and legs
  • High Frequency Electrode Usage Brochure


Not recommended for pregnant women or people with pacemakers.


2 years warranty.


Made in France.

Available in September / October

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The high-frequency device is connected to the mains (low-voltage, low-frequency alternating current). Thanks to its internal components, it transforms the domestic current into high frequency current without danger for the human body.

The high-frequency device emits high-frequency currents transmitted by glass electrodes. The sizes and shapes of these electrodes are adapted to the part of the body to be treated. It is possible to use other electrodes for more specific uses, there are about thirty of them, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

High frequency care

There are generally two types of care that can be covered by high frequency: curative care and aesthetic care.

In the area of application of the electrode, several effects of different natures are induced, some by the arcs of the sparking filament between the skin and the electrode, others by the ozone which is created when the sparks come into contact with the air, and others by the variation in current intensity.

Curative care

Antiseptic care: The treatment area is quickly cleared of microbes and bacteria through the combined effect of ozone and ultraviolet rays

Analgesic care: High frequency calms the pain by attenuating the sensitivity of the treated areas under the effect of the waves which provide a soothing and pain-relieving effect.

Circulatory care: The application of high frequencies has a vasodilator effect which induces an increase in blood irrigation to the treated areas which benefits from a better elimination of toxins.

Healing care: The high frequency brings a combination of stimulation of the cells and a ground cleared of bacterial impurities which favours the speed and the quality of the cicatrization.

Body care: High frequency also helps to fight cellulite and can be used to relax heavy legs.

Aesthetic care

Skin cleansing treatments: Certain unsightly skin elements such as blackheads, pimples, liver or vein spots can be improved or even eliminated by a high frequency treatment. Also after having cleared the skin of blackheads and other impurities, the antiseptic qualities of high frequency can be used to sanitize the treated areas before applying a mask for example.

Beauty care of the skin: The stimuli generated by the high frequency have a toning action and a tensor effect which allows the treatment, on an aesthetic level, of flesh which has lost its tone. Applications are beneficial on various small wrinkles of the face such as bags under the eyes or crow's feet.

Scalp care: The high frequency spark beam stimulates the nerve endings of the scalp and promotes better blood circulation, which is essential for good scalp vitality. In addition, the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effect of the ozone produced by the high frequency allows for better asepsis and a healthier scalp.

Hair care: The subject of hair loss is a delicate one and the results are unpredictable, however, noticeable slowdowns have been noted, reducing hair loss.

Depilatory care: A high frequency treatment after a depilatory session is strongly recommended because it allows both to clean and protect the irritated skin from microbial and bacterial aggression, but also to relieve post-depilatory pain.

High frequency and animals

The use of high frequency and its benefits also applies to our animal friends, to whom it provides the same effects of relief and soothing.
We are of course thinking of all our pets, but also of animals in zoos, as well as farm animals for which high frequency care can be very beneficial.

Chemical characteristics

The applications are done through Mac Intyre glass electrodes. A partial vacuum is established, the particles remaining in suspension allow the passage of the high frequency current, without risk for the person treated.

Physical characteristics

The Holo Electron high-frequency current device is manufactured according to the assembly developed by Professor d'Arsonval.

The oxygen in the air, condensed under the action of the electricity of the high frequency current device, generates ozone. Its purifying, healing and disinfecting action allows many applications.


Our high-frequency devices are made of the best materials, so they are designed to last a long time. Their anodized aluminum chassis and components are chosen for their high reliability. Almost all the parts used in the manufacture of our devices are made to measure in high quality materials and in compliance with rigorous specifications.

All our appliances are easily repairable, they benefit from an after-sales service composed of an experienced and efficient team at your service.

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