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Also discover the interviews of celebrities who have joined the Sprayer Lucas Championnère, such as Danièle Pomey-Rey, Juliette Binoche, Nathalie Baye or Emmanuelle Devos.

“We can no longer do without the effects of purifying micro-droplets which gently and naturally rid the skin of all impurities and makeup residues. The skin thus cleaned in depth regularly with the Pulvé is the secret of a natural radiance, a lasting tone and an immediate healthy glow effect. Heart stroke !"

“This device can perform facial massages lasting ten to twenty minutes, which will calm her nerve endings and do her a lot of good. It reduces the inflammatory reaction, calms the itching and makes the skin peel, but very lightly, which allows the treatments to penetrate better. This device is expensive but we keep it for life.”

“I ordered a machine, the Lucas Champonnière sprayer on the Internet, directly from the French manufacturer Holo Electron.”

"Absolute makeup removal no matter what, my Lucas-Championnière sprayer [...]"

“I am a fan of Dr Lucas Championnière's sprayer. Its vapor propels the floral waters that I choose. It's as if a mist activates the microcirculation after a walk by the sea!"

“The Lucas Championnière: dry or sensitive skin can borrow from the pros this device which allows delicious sprays of lukewarm mist. Its ultrafine particles penetrate the pores without enlarging them, ridding them of any residue. The "Lucas" can be used daily or more occasionally. As part of a skin cleansing, place it close enough to the face (ten to fifteen centimeters), it will facilitate the extraction of comedones [...]"